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Management Workshops/Employee Trainings

Because WorkLife Solutions is a program of Family Centers, our clients have access to one of the largest network of mental health, human service, vocational, childcare and senior experts.  Our vast knowledge and expertise allows WorkLife Solutions to provide workshops and trainings for its clients on virtually any topic.  

While these trainings are ultimately designed to help keep your workplace running smoothly, we can also offer team-building seminars, lead discussions that foster effective employee communication and touch on topics to help your employees overcome their own personal issues.  Some examples of the trainings and workshops available include:

·         Stress Management

·         Conflict Resolution


·         Team Building

·         Balancing Your Work and Home Life

·         Interview Dos and Don’ts

·         Sexual Harassment Prevention

·         Diversity Training

·         The Sandwich Generation: The Challenges of Caring for an Elderly Parent

·         Choosing a Preschool for Your Infant or Child

·         Baby Blues: Going Back to Work Following Childbirth

WorkLife Solutions can also work with you to create a training or workshop that meets your workplace’s unique challenges and needs.  So, be creative.  No topic is out of bounds!



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